Forex Scalping Strategies #1 – “The Spike Scalping System”


I’ve got the first of the Forex Scalping Strategies here for you – elegant in its simplicity yet built on the solid foundations of professional trading.

If you’ve been around Forex trading for any length of time I’m probably a lot like you:

I know exactly what it’s like to be jumping around from system to system, trying to find the “magic bullet” that will bring you guaranteed trading success…

Tearing your hair out with frustration at trading software that just doesn’t bring the results you need and wasting hours searching for a “secret” winning combination of indicators…

And I want to save you the time, expense and cruel disappointment of falling into this trap and get you on your way to scalping Forex profitably as quickly as possible – maybe as soon as today.

There are many ways of scalping Forex but one of the most flexible, most instinctive and most logical ways is by focusing on the “Price Action” of the market (when you use this approach you’ll be picking up the clues that the market drops and you’ll know exactly what you need to do next)

It’s your way to find “Keystone” scalping entry triggers and pull off jaw-dropping trades just by eyeballing the chart and using your new price-action reading skills… a way of trading with tiny stop-losses, stripping your exposure down to brass tacks and blasting your hit-rate through the roof…

And best of all …it can give you consistent, repeating Forex scalping opportunities even if you’re squeezing in just an hour or two around your other daily commitments.

Why Spike Scalping Gives You Easy, Reliable And Profitable Set-Ups Every Day

The Spike Scalping System was revealed to me by a grizzled veteren pit trader in the T-Bond futures at the Chicago Board Of Trade (he used his own hand-sketched chart on the back of an order card to keep track of where the scalping triggers were setting up)

But the strategy works incredibly well in the heavily traded Forex markets because both the Currencies(Forex) and the Treasuries (Bonds)  have similar market “personalities”…

…they’re both driven by the Fundamental factors of worldwide economic “dramas”  (rather than by pure speculation) and the huge trading volume being pumped into each gives you very robust conditions for scalping:

You’ll be getting clean, accurate and easy to manage set-ups – perfect for the “lone-wolf” Forex scalper…

And the beauty of this method is how it ramps up your probability of scoring wins by forcing you to scalp inline with the short-term trend (and you’ll be doing so in the strategic, calculating way of a professional trader).

I’ve got the whole thing freshly laid out  for you in a 9 page Blueprint:

You get the Step-By-Step process, the screenshots of two days Spike Scalping set-ups… the works

And you’ll be getting the whole thing for free with my compliments…

Once you’ve entered your email address in the box below – you’ll get the complete system blueprint  emailed right back to you
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I’ll be seeing you on the other side.

Good Trading,


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